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Needing a Marriage Certificate Apostille

According to the 1961 Apostille Convention, an Apostille is an official document that legalizes official and copied papers in states (countries) that accept the Apostille stamp. Apostille certifications, such as a marriage certificate Apostille, are frequently required when one or both spouses are relocating to a new state, seeking work, etc.

How to get a Marriage Certificate Apostille

If a marriage document receives an Apostille and is approved, it is acceptable to use in that nation and does not require any further laws unless specific conditions exist. Other typical reasons for a country to obtain an Apostille for a marriage certificate include:

  • Moving to that country

  • Seeking employment in that country

  • Inheritance

  • Death of spouse

  • Interest and/or ownership of property in that country

  • Dual citizenship

Many nations that have signed the Hague Convention on Apostilles (Hague Convention 1961) will demand an Apostille for any of the reasons listed above. If the seeking nation is not a signatory, further legislation will be required in addition to the Apostille of the marriage certificate. Fortunately, the United States is a party to the Apostille Convention, and the marriage certificate Apostille would be accepted in virtually all cases.

In addition, if the requesting nation is not a party to the Apostille Convention, the marriage certificate Apostille will need new legislation via the United States. Washington, D.C.'s State Department and must be authorized in the United States by the country's embassy or consulate. If you're going for job or school, you'll need embassy authorization. Employers will frequently request your criminal background checks, which have been approved by the respective embassies. Your Apostille applications may be denied if they are not submitted in a timely manner.

However, there are several requirements that must be followed by anybody requesting an Apostille in the United States. Marriage certificates issued by a state, for example, must be validated by another state. If a spouse marries in New Jersey, for example, the New Jersey marriage certificate must be apostilled by the Secretary of State of New Jersey (no exceptions).

With that stated, it cannot be stressed enough that papers containing official signatures, such as marriage certificates, must be original in order to get an Apostille from the appropriate states/embassies. Any copies of the marriage certificate will be rejected since the signatures on the copies cannot be considered authentic.

If you need to travel overseas for education, job, travel, or citizenship, you will need to produce an Apostille for numerous papers, including your marriage certificate. As a result, you must precisely follow the regulations for obtaining an Apostille for a marriage certificate.

In order to apply for an Apostille, you must send the original and certified copy provided by the relevant County Clerk, as well as completed Apostille forms, to our office for processing. Furthermore, acquiring an Apostille for a marriage certificate is a time-consuming process that necessitates careful navigation of each state's criteria.

To obtain an Apostille for a Marriage Certificate near you, contact American Apostille & Notary Services. Feel free to email me at or call 848-467-7740 to request my services or learn more.

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