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Apostille Birth Certificate New Jersey

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

In New Jersey, there are two methods for obtaining an apostille on a birth certificate. It's always a question of what will be accepted by the receiving nation. Countries like Israel, India, and Italy, for example, are more likely to accept a copy of the official birth certificate than the original or exemplified version. What are your options for doing this task on your own? Most notaries in New Jersey won't know what to do with your birth certificate copy to start the apostille process correctly, because authenticating papers isn't one of their authorized functions. Not only does American Apostille & Notary Services have the required affidavit stamps to certify your birth certificate, but we also provide an ironclad acceptance guarantee that your birth certificate will be approved or your documents will be reprocessed and submitted for free. We can handle your "Apostille Birth Certificate New Jersey" for only $149, allowing you to concentrate on getting your passport, visa, or EU driver's license. Please contact us at right away to begin the process.

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