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Birth Certificate Apostille

American Apostille & Notary Services can apostille birth certificates issued from all 50 States, Washington DC, and US Territories. 

You must fill out the order form or send an original or copy issued by the County Clerk or State to me for processing in order to have your certificate apostilled. Only the state where the birth certificate was issued may authenticate it. The Secretary of State is not authorized to certify documents issued by another state. If your birth certificate is from Colorado, for example, the apostille can only be issued by the State of Colorado.

Not every birth certificate can qualify for an apostille. Some states have placed restrictions on how old a certificate can be. For example, birth certificates issued from the State of Wisconsin and Virginia can not be older than 12 months. Certificates issued by the County Clerk or the Health Department may also be rejected by some states. We urge that you send in your current certificate for review. We will provide you with instructions if the State rejects your document.

Why does my birth certificate require an Apostille?

Another nation may require an apostille on your birth certificate for a variety of reasons. Some instances include obtaining dual citizenship, purchasing property, inheritance, marriage, divorce, intending to retire in another nation, etc.

Can I apostille my New Jersey birth certificate in Arizona?

No, an apostille can only be obtained from the state where the birth certificate was issued. An apostille may only be obtained from the state of Arizona for a birth certificate issued there.

What if my birth certificate is rejected by the State?

In the event that the certificate is not approved, I will contact you with state instructions.

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