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Expedited Florida Apostille Services

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Obtaining a Florida Apostille can be done on your own; however, the process can be quite confusing. You must first determine which documents must be notarized and which cannot. You must also be prepared to contact state offices and become familiar with when to send your papers to federal offices. The process can be just as confusing when it comes to Expedited Florida Apostille Services.

What is a Florida Apostille

An Apostille is a single-page document that certifies the authenticity of the issuing official or notary public's signature. A Florida Department of State Apostille authenticates the seals and signatures on a document issued in the state of Florida intended for use in a foreign country.

The Florida Department of State will only Apostille the following types of documents:

● Paper documents notarized by a commissioned Florida notary public with an original wet signature and notarial stamp.

● Documents are notarized online by a certified Florida remote online notary (RON).

● Certified and/or recordable documents issued by the State of Florida or Florida county governments. Examples include birth and death certificates, articles of incorporation, certificates of status, corporate and LLC annual reports, divorce decrees, etc.

The Apostille is affixed to the original documents issued in the State of Florida and bearing an official signature and seal of a valid commissioned notary public, current Florida State Registrar, probate judge, or any document issued by one of the departments of the State of Florida.

The Apostille certification only certifies the capacity of the person who has signed the public document and the authenticity of the signature. An Apostille certification does not in any way certify the content of the public document to which it relates.

Documents issued by a different state can not be Apostilled by the State of Florida. These documents must be Apostilled by their issuing state. Documents issued by the Federal government for individuals or companies located in Florida must obtain their Apostille from the U.S. Department of State.

Expedited Florida Apostilles

There are times when expedited Apostille services may be required. Expedited Florida Apostille Services are available to anyone; however, the State of Florida processes all documents based on a first-come, first-serve bases. Also, Florida apostille certificates can only be issued in the state of Florida, by the office of the secretary of state of Florida.

A Florida Apostille normally takes up to 7 days for processing, plus additional time for mailing, and applicable costs. Expedited Florida Apostille Service is available in person only and processing is usually completed on the same day. Make sure you always provide the name of the country needing a Florida Apostille.

American Apostille & Notary Services

American Apostille & Notary Services can provide notary and Apostille services anywhere in the United States including the state of Florida. If you're conducting personal or business matters that require Expedited Florida Apostille Services, this is a great agency to work with.

Working with American Apostille & Notary Services is fairly easy when obtaining document Apostilles. The staff is very knowledgeable when it comes to document certification, and they will ensure that the paperwork is completed correctly. Although you can go through the Expedited Florida Apostille processing of your documents yourself, it’s always best to hire a professional if possible. Hiring a professional service provider is much more convenient. While the service fees might be slightly higher, the convenience is well worth the extra cost.

Lastly, if you’re really pressed for time, an agency such as American Apostille & Notary may be your best option for your Expedited Florida Apostille. Agencies such as this one specialize in getting your Apostilles through the legal process and offer different levels of services based on your Apostille needs.

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