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Articles of Incorporation Apostille

If your company wishes to do business in another country, you'll need to get the Articles of Incorporation apostilled. The Articles of Incorporation are a set of legal documents filed with the Secretary of State to establish a corporation as a distinct legal entity. These documents are referred to as a Corporate Charter, Articles of Association, or Certificate of Incorporation. 

Most Articles of Incorporation will include:

  • Firm’s name

  • Street address

  • Name and address of the registered agent

  • Amount and type of stock to be issued

  • Purpose of the corporation

Obtain an Apostille for the Articles of Incorporation

When conducting business internationally, you'll frequently need to verify the authenticity of your Articles of Incorporation.

The procedure of obtaining an Apostille is a widely accepted method of proving a document's authenticity. All countries who are members of the 1961 Hague Convention recognize this procedure. The Secretary of State in the state where the business is registered obtains an Apostille.

If your destination country isn't a member of the 1961 Hague Convention, you'll need to go through the legalization process to get your documents authenticated, which entails a few more procedures, including gaining certification from the country's embassy or consulate. This is an area where American Apostille & Notary Services can help.

Working with American Apostille & Notary Services

It can take a long time to have your business documents validated. I can obtain an apostille for your Articles of Incorporation and any other business documents you need validated quickly when you engage with American Apostille & Notary Services.


Because I understand how valuable your time is, the procedure is straightforward. Send me your Articles of Incorporation by filling out the Order Form below. I'll contact the appropriate state offices, or the Embassy/Consulate, to have all of your documents apostilled and returned to you. I understand you are preoccupied with other pressing matters; please allow me the opportunity to handle this for you.

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