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Apostille Services in California

The Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents of 5 October 1961, commonly known simply as the Apostille Convention is an international treaty drafted by the Hague Conference on Private International Law (HCCH). If you're in California and need to legalize documents for international use an apostille is most likely required.

Perhaps you are seeking apostille services in Los Angeles by searching on Google for "apostille services near me". Or maybe you're in San Francisco or San Diego trying to figure out the apostille definition. Whatever the case may be, once you do a little research, you will learn that your documents will have to be submitted to the California Secretary of State in Sacramento for apostille. Of course, in certain situations, a notary public will have to notarize your documents beforehand. For vital records such as a birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate, etc. a certified copy could be sent without a notary appointment.

For some people, obtaining an apostille on your documents is old hat. Countries like Mexico, South Korea, Italy, Japan, and India have all been members of the Hague Convention for quite some time. But for people sending documents to The Philippines or Singapore, the process is new, as they have joined very recently. Then for countries such as China, Canada, and Vietnam the process looks a bit different. These countries are not members of the convention, so legalizations are required at the consulate or embassy. You will still need to get documents notarized, then apostilled at the state and federal levels prior to submitting to your destination country.

The apostille process can be tedious and confusing for many. Mistakes in the process can lead to long delays in the process. It's critical in certain scenarios. Perhaps you are selling property in Italy and need a special power of attorney to complete the sale. Or maybe you're expanding you business by opening an office in Russia and have to submit a Certificate of Incorporation or Certificate of Good Standing. It's also possible that you are setting up an overseas bank account in Greece to simplify cross-border transactions. You could also be attempting to trademark or patent your intellectual property outside of the United States in countries like Germany, Argentina, or Brazil. At any rate, when it's critical to expedite the apostille process in order to conduct business, please leave it to the professionals. American Apostille & Notary Services is happy to help you with the process. Feel free to reach out!

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