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Certificate of Good Standing Apostille

Also known as a Certification of Compliance, Certificate of Good Conduct, Certificate of Existence, Certificate of Fact, or Certificate of Status, a Certificate of Good Standing is a one-page document issued under the Great Seal of the state where a company is formed by that state's Secretary of State Office. The one-page document or Apostille is attached to a certified copy of the Certificate of Good Standing. The Certificate of Good Standing Apostille will provide proof of incorporation, especially when conducting business in foreign countries.

The document confirms that your business:
• Is up-to-date on its state fee payments
• Has filed an annual report/statement of information
• Has paid its franchise taxes (may not apply to every state)

Contacting the appropriate state department and submitting the required documents correctly can be a long and tedious process. This is where the services provided by American Apostille & Notary Services can prove to be very beneficial. We do all the hard work involved with obtaining your company’s Certificate of Good Standing Apostille so you can place more focus on your business operations.

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