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Apostille Services for American Expats in Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Updated: 3 days ago

Are you an American citizen living abroad in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico? Whether if you're working your dream beach job, making a living as a Digital Nomad, or enjoying your retirement in a tropical location, there is a good chance that you have needed or will soon need apostilles on certain documents.

What is an Apostille and Why Do I Need One?

An Apostille, (a-pos-TEE, French for certification), is a certificate that authenticates the signature of a document. Apostilles are issued by the Secretary of State of the state where the document originated (Ex. A birth certificate from Texas will require an Apostille from the Secretary of State of Texas). The Apostille verifies the authenticity of a public official’s signature and seal. Depending on the destination country, a document that is intended for international use may require either Apostille or Legalization services. Without these certifications, your document may not be recognized in a foreign country.

What Documents Will Need to be Apostilled?

There are some common documents that may require apostilles to be authenticated, such as:

There is no margin for error with the Authentication or Apostille process. If mistakes are made, both your time and money will be wasted and you'll have to start all over again. If you want to look into outsourcing this part of preparing to studying abroad to someone with experience, please email me at or call 848-467-7740 to request my services or learn more.

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