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IRS Forms Apostille

There are tax treaties between the United States and a number of other nations. These treaties stipulate certain types of income received by residents or citizens of the United States should be taxed at a lower rate or not be subject to foreign taxes.


You must pay tax on the income if the treaty does not cover a specific type of income or if there is no treaty between your country and the U.S. We advise getting in touch with a tax professional for more specific information.


American Apostille & Notary Services can assist you if you need an IRS document Apostille. Here are some common IRS forms that often need to be Apostilled:


  • IRS Tax Returns (for all years)

  • W2 Wage and Tax Statement

  • 1099 IRS Income Form

  • IRS Form 6166 (United States Residency Certification)


IRS Tax Return Apostille


Do you need an Apostille for your current or past tax returns? Our office can process certified copies of your tax returns from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).


Certified tax return documents that have been issued directly by the IRS or that have been notarized can be Apostilled by our office. The US Department of State in Washington DC processes certified documents issued by the IRS while the Secretary of State's office processes notarized copies.


We can assist with the necessary steps for processing your IRS tax return Apostille. This includes assisting with the filling out of your Form 4506 which is required to obtain a certified copy of your IRS taxes. Because we also offer Notarial services, we can notarize and process IRS tax return documents through the Secretary of State’s office saving you time and money.


IRS Form 1099 Apostille


The IRS Form 1099 is a collection of tax documents that list various payments made by an individual or company that is generally not your employer. The payer reports payments made during the tax year by completing the form with the necessary information and sending copies to you and the IRS.


The IRS Form 1099 document Apostille process is similar to the Form W-2 Apostille process. The only difference is one document certification is for individuals who are paid by an employer and the other is for self-employed individuals.  


IRS Form W-2 Apostille


The Internal Revenue Service's Form W-2 is a tax document used in the US to declare the wages paid to employees and the taxes deducted from those wages. For every employee that's paid a salary, wage, or any other kind of compensation as part of the employment relationship, employers are required to file a Form W-2.


Your W-2 form needs to be signed and notarized in order to be apostilled. Either you or your accountant can sign your W-2 and utilize our remote online notary services to have the document notarized online. Please confirm which signature is preferred by the country requesting the Apostille. 


If you have multiple W-2s, you must sign and have each one notarized separately. After your document(s) are notarized we can process your IRS Form W-2 Apostille certification.


US Tax Residency Certificate - IRS Form 6166


IRS Form 6166 also referred to as a US Tax Residency Certificate is a letter that states, on letterhead from the U.S. Department of Treasury, that a person or business is a resident of the United States for the purposes of the U.S. income tax laws. Our office can perform the document authentication of your IRS Form 6166 in a short amount of time.


For US Tax Residency Certificates issued by the IRS and intended for use in the Hague Convention Participating Countries, American Apostille & Notary Services offers professional attestation services. Our U.S. Tax Residency Certificate - IRS Form 6166 Apostilles are obtained directly from the US Department of State in Washington DC.

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