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International Real Estate Apostille

International Real Estate is best described as a relatively new sensation that began in the early 1980s and has continued to grow with today’s globalization. The term International Real Estate includes real property development, sales, and leasing transactions across national borders. 


International real estate is commonly viewed as one of the most ever-changing branches of real estate. This is because it’s often impacted by fluctuating market values in various sectors between countries, such as what happened with the global credit crisis of 2008.


Global real estate opportunities are very abundant and often in high demand. Foreign immigrants residing in the U.S. frequently move to new markets, and Americans are always looking to purchase real estate overseas.


International real estate is classified into two main categories: international commercial real estate and international residential real estate. A few examples of international real estate transactions include:

  • Any citizen of a country who purchases a house in another country

  • Any corporation headquartered in a country that purchases or leases an office building in another country

  • Any corporation or investment group in a country that builds a hotel or resort in another country


Individuals or businesses looking to purchase or sell real estate properties abroad will often need to legalize or obtain an International Real Estate Apostille on a power of attorney. This will allow an individual to act on their behalf during the course of the international transaction. 


In addition to a Real Estate Apostille, if you are legally married, some countries such as Russia require the spouse's consent when purchasing or selling real estate property in their country. Spousal consent forms must also be Apostilled if required for foreign real estate transactions.  


International Real Estate Apostilles like any other Apostilled document, must be prepared by someone who’s familiar with the Apostille process. Whether you’re an individual or corporation needing an International Real Estate Apostille, our experienced staff can assist with its proper preparation.

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