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FBI Background Check Apostille

If you plan to work overseas, you will need an FBI Background Check Apostille for countries that are members of the Hague Apostille Convention of 1961. Obtaining an FBI Background Check Apostille can be quite challenging if you’re not familiar with the document certification process.


What is an FBI Background Check?


Individuals, employers, and government officials can examine criminal histories and arrest information on citizens and residents of the United States by using an FBI background check. The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) maintains detailed records of all arrests, crimes, and suspicious activity gathered by virtually every local or federal law enforcement agency.


FBI Criminal Record History Report


An individual who runs an FBI background check essentially obtains a copy of any files that have been compiled for a certain person. This compilation of files is known as an “FBI Criminal Record History Report”. 

An FBI Criminal Record History Report, sometimes known as a "rap sheet," will consist of vital information kept by the FBI such as federal employment, military service, citizenship, and arrest history. The date, arresting agency, cause for the arrest, and disposition of the arrest are typically shown on the rap sheet if you have any arrests (whether you served time or charges were dropped).


Why You Need an FBI Background Check


People frequently need to submit to FBI background checks in order to work for the government, adopt a child, buy a gun, or work in "sensitive" workplaces like prisons or daycare facilities. FBI background checks are not only used in the United States. They are also required to work abroad, in which case an FBI Background Check Apostille is required.

Getting An FBI Background Check For Apostille:

  • Apply directly online to the FBI for a copy of your FBI Criminal History Report

  • Apply directly to the FBI and have a hard copy of your FBI Criminal History Report mailed through the U.S. Postal Service

  • Use an FBI-Approved Channeler to obtain a copy of your FBI Criminal History Report

Using an FBI-Approved Channeler which is a private business such as American Apostille & Notary Services is always the best option. Using an FB-Apporved Channeler will help expedite the delivery of your FBI Criminal Record History Report on behalf of the FBI. Using a company such as American Apostille & Notary Services will also ensure that your FBI Background Check Apostille is processed correctly.  


You will need to submit fingerprints as well as pertinent information such as your name, aliases, date of birth, current address, and more, regardless of which option you use.

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