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Academic Credentials (Study Abroad)

Need an apostille for your school transcripts in order to study abroad? If you've attended a school in the United States (High School, College, University, Trade School, etc.) and plan to work or further your studies in another country, it is likely that the requesting country will require that your records be authenticated by the School Registrar before being apostilled by the Secretary of State in the state of origin. 

Replacement Diplomas and Degrees

Because replacement diplomas are made by outside vendors, most colleges and universities cannot deliver copies of diplomas on short notice. There is usually a waiting period of up to four weeks. You can order a replacement diploma if you've misplaced your original. This request must generally be filled out, signed, and notarized. Your request will be included in the next printout of diplomas. Transcripts, on the other hand, are issued and notarized by the school registrar considerably more quickly.

Apostille vs Consular Legalization


  • If legal documents are exchanged between countries A and B, both of which are members of the Hague Apostille Convention, an apostille is necessary.

  • Legalization by a consulate is required: If country A (a signatory to the Hague Convention) and country C exchange legal documents (non-member of the Apostille Hague convention)

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