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Nebraska Death Certificate Apostille

When you need to apostille a Nebraska death certificate, you will need to make sure to have a certified copy of the vital record beforehand. If you need to order one, your best bet is to go through the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services. Here's what their website says about obtaining one:

The Office of Vital Records preserves birth, death, marriage and divorce records which occur in Nebraska. The records maintained by this office are issued as legal certified copies and are printed on multi-colored security paper with a digitally enhanced state seal. Certified certificates are used for providing proof of self and in obtaining records such as a driver's license, Social Security cards, passports, registering for school, sporting activities, transfer of property and for collecting retirement benefits or life insurance.


If your name is not on the certificate you are requesting, you must show proof of your relationship, for example: *When requesting your parents death record, provide your birth certificate, your parents names will show on your birth certificate as your proof. *When requesting your spouse's death record provide a copy of your marriage record. For any other request contact our office at 402-471-2871 *For genealogical use, per regulation 3-004.06 - Only birth and death records are available for request. To qualify for a birth record you must show proof of death and the death must have occurred 50 years prior to your request. Show Less

You may only get a death certificate for your spouse, your parent, or your child.

To get a death certificate by mail, send a $16.00 check or money order made out to Vital Records (no credit cards) and be sure to include a photocopy of the government-issued photo ID of the person requesting the application, i.e. current drivers license and include the following information:

  • Full name of deceased, if female, list married name or any other name(s) used.

  • City or town of death, if exact date of death not known, indicate a span of years.

  • How you are related to the decedent.

  • Purpose record will be used.

Include this information for the deceased if a search is required:

Year of birth, Birthplace, Spouse's full name, Home address, Father's full name, Mother's full name, Funeral Director and City

Death Certificate Application Form - (Complete, print and mail to DHHS.)

Death Certificate Amendment Form - (Complete, print and mail to DHHS.)

Nebraska Vital Records P.O. Box 95065, Lincoln, Nebraska 68509-5065

Apostille for Nebraska Death Certificate

There is no margin for error with the Authentication or Apostille process. If mistakes are made, both your time and money will be wasted and you'll have to start all over again. If you want to look into outsourcing this part of preparing to studying abroad to someone with experience, please email me at or call 848-467-7740 to request my services or learn more.

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