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Idaho Birth Certificate Apostille

When you need to apostille a Idaho birth certificate, you will need to make sure to have a certified copy of the vital record beforehand. If you need to order one, your best bet is to go through the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. Here's what their website says about obtaining one:

Who can order an Idaho certificate?

Idaho law determines who may obtain a certified copy of a vital record (birth, death, marriage, divorce, stillbirth/miscarriage). Those who are authorized to obtain a certificate have been determined to have a “direct and tangible interest” in the record. Typically, immediate family members are entitled to receive a copy of a certificate. If we are unable to verify your relationship to the person named on the certificate, you may be asked to provide proof that you are entitled to receive a certified copy of the record. For additional information, please refer to this list of persons who have “direct and tangible interest” in a certificate.

Incomplete orders or unresolved issues:

Incomplete orders or those with unresolved issues will take longer to process. We cannot deposit unsigned checks or money orders. If your payment is not signed or if your request is incomplete, you will receive a letter asking for the missing information.

Checks and Money Orders:

Checks and money orders are deposited the day after they are received in our office. If you have not received your certified copy(s) in the time frames stated in the Processing Times and Fees section, please verify the date your payment was cashed by Idaho Vital Records before contacting us for a status update at or 208-334-5980.

Your Certificate Order:

Your certificate order will be mailed to you through the United States Postal Service (USPS). USPS will not deliver mail from our office to the address you provide unless you are registered with them as a resident. If you prefer delivery from another carrier, please provide a postage paid self-addressed shipping envelope from the carrier of your choice.

Requests requiring an amendment or legal action:

Any request requiring an amendment or legal action may take several weeks to process after the request is received and payment is accepted, depending on the volume of requests. The fee to expedite a legal action is $25.00 per event.

Apostille for Idaho Birth Certificate

There is no margin for error with the Authentication or Apostille process. If mistakes are made, both your time and money will be wasted and you'll have to start all over again. If you want to look into outsourcing this part of preparing to studying abroad to someone with experience, please email me at or call 848-467-7740 to request my services or learn more.

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