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Apostille for Businesses Registered in Delaware

Delaware is a tax heaven. So it's no wonder that 64% of Fortune 500 firms are incorporated out of America's first state. Because of the large amount of companies based out of Delaware, the apostille process is more comprehensive and complex. A majority of the states have a fee structure that comes down to regular and expedited. However, Delaware provides the ability to order a certified copy of your Certificate of Incorporation first and then getting an apostille on the document from the Secretary of State's office. They have 7 different pricing structures depending on how quickly you need the document, along with fees for the number pages of said document. Also, there are 7 pricing options for the apostille, also based on time frame. The task of obtaining these documents can be a daunting task.

If your business is registered in Delaware and you want to leave the apostille process to someone who has experience in dealing with such matters, American Apostille & Notary Services is happy to help. Recently, as a New Jersey notary I have the ability to notarize documents virtually. If you need supporting documents notarized, I can help you obtain a certified copy of your Delaware documents from Delaware and supporting documents apostilled in New Jersey. Contact American Apostille & Notary Services for more details!

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