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Certificate of Incumbency Apostille

A Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) or a corporation may issue a Certificate of Incumbency, also known as an incumbency certificate, which identifies the directors, officers, and important stakeholders. If the Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) or corporation must notarize the Certificate of Incumbency for use in a foreign country, the document may need to include a Certificate of Incumbency Apostille.


What is a Certificate of Incumbency?


A Certificate of Incumbency is a legal document issued by the president or secretary of a corporation. It includes a space for each officer to sign and contains the names and titles of all current officials inside the corporation (for example, president, secretary, and treasurer). This document might also include a list of the company's directors and stockholders.


The majority of Certificates of Incumbency will often contain the following details:


  • Members of the corporation's board of directors by name

  • The corporation’s name

  • The signature of the corporation’s secretary

  • The title of each corporate officer, their respective positions, and their signatures

Certificate of Incumbency Apostille


When you manage a business in the United States, you typically need to make sure that certain workers, such as officers, are able to conduct business for the company in other countries. This is the primary purpose of a Certificate of Incumbency Apostille.


An Apostille sometimes referred to as a certificate, is affixed to the notarized Certificate of Incumbency by a representative of the government of the country in which the business signing the document is based. Apostilles are required for public documents that must be transmitted between countries that are members of the 1961 Hague Apostille Agreement.


A document's signature and seal from the notary who notarized it are validated by authentication certificates and apostilles, allowing the document to be accepted in another country. The fact that the notary had the proper commission at the time of signing is also confirmed by both certificates.


Processing a Certificate of Incumbency Apostille

A Certificate of Incumbency Apostille is a very important document for conducting business abroad. The Certificate of Incumbency paperwork must be signed and notarized before it can be Apostilled. It is also important to make certain that each signature on the paperwork is notarized. Please contact our office with any questions you might have about preparing this document prior to the Apostille process.

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