Certificate of Airworthiness Apostille

The national aviation authority in the state where the aircraft is registered issues a Certificate of Airworthiness (CoA), also known as an airworthiness certificate for an aircraft in order to be compliant with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The CoA certifies that the aircraft is safe to fly in accordance with its design type. When the aircraft is registered in the owner's name, each certificate is issued in one of many categories. After then, an annual fee is required to keep the CoA active. If this charge is not paid when it is due, the certificate will expire, and the owner will have to apply for it again. The CoA may only be issued once the maintenance facility issues a maintenance release or certificate of release to service (CRS) stating that all required maintenance has been completed and the aircraft has been certified as airworthy.

A CoA is classed as either a standard airworthiness certificate or a special airworthiness certificate in the United States, Australia, and a few other nations.

When an aircraft is being sold and registered in another nation, an apostille is most likely required in order to complete the sales transaction. American Apostille & Notary Services is happy to help meet your apostille needs for your Certificate of Airworthiness.